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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right now, 9news is on the scene where a massive cleanup is still under way following that train derailment that killed two teenagers and dumped thousands of pounds of coal. but first tonight, what happened in a crash that killed a local cop. did the department break a
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policy. this is 9news now. and we do have new information right now about the car crash that killed a young officer on i95 in prince george's county. >> matt jablow joins us now with the details. matt. >> reporter: derek, the primary focus, right now, as it should be, is on the trabl tragedy of the -- terrible tragedy of the officer's death. but they will eventually focus on the difficult lessons learned from the accident that claimed the young officer's life. >> he was going to be the big man on campus one day. >> reporter: police officer adrian morris has been widely described as a courageous and dedicated cop who took great pride in what he did for a living. >> he loved being a policeman. >> reporter: unfortunately, he apparently did not do everything entirely by the books, and it may have cost him his life. according to the prince george's county department for car chases, there are only four things, homicide, non-fatal shootings, armed carjackings and
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armed robberies. the two men that officer morris was pursuing and apparently should not have been pursuing were suspects from an attempted theft. >> what we're calling it right now was an apparent pursuit. >> reporter: prince george's county confirmed that he was not wearing a seatbelt as he was required to when he was ejected from his patrol car on 95 south. his partner who was wearing a seatbelt suffered only minor injuries when the cruiser slammed into a ditch. >> the department is very focused on this investigation naturally. >> reporter: meanwhile, earlier today police arrested one of the tw suspects whom officer morris was pursuing. the search continues for the second suspect. and among the grieving colleagues, the search also continues for answers as to why such a good man was taken so soon. >> absolutely he had pride in what he did. >> reporter: 24-year-old kenneth mitchell the suspect arrested in connection with the officer's death is scheduled to make his first court appearance
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sometime tomorrow morning. derek and anita. >> thank you, matt. we have two breaking news stories right now, beginning with the u.s. secret service. >> agents have arrested an armed man who allegedly made threats against president obama. he's identified as 32-year-old anton kalori. they picked him up at his apartment. they confiscated two weapons and searched his place. he's scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. as for the alleged threats against the president, the suspect e-mailed them directly to the fbi. next up, an amber alert out of prince george's county for a 1-year-old baby boy. >> now, investigators tell us ju low awry julio arriaza snatched his young boy. he is 5-foot 4, 150 pounds, the adult. he is said to be driving a 2006
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equinox with license plates 7ag950. call 911 if you have any information. and the crews continue to work around the clock clearing a railroad tracks of the deadly train derailment in ellicott city that happened late yesterday. tonight there are still a lot of unanswered questions in that small historic town, and ken molestina is live there to try to get some of those answers for us. ken. >> reporter: yes, derek, these crews will be here throughout the night working to clean this up so you get an idea of just how large the mess is out here. we're talking about 21 of 80 rail cars that derailed and came off the tracks. they flipped over and spilled coal all over the ground. sadly two 19-year-olds died as a result of the derailment and tonight the national safety board is trying to get to the bottom of this. crews out here continue to work late into the night cleaning up the mess left behind by the derailment. cranes, front loaders could be
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scene down the tracks. people have been pulling in throughout the evening to get a look at it for themselves. >> we only live a couple miles from here and wanted to see it for ourselves and see how bad it was. >> i knew it was bad. and i heard where it was right by the street. >> reporter: one of the reasons why the cleanup effort will take so long, you can see behind me large pieces of debris. in this case, a rail car that has been flipped over. these things weigh tons, and crews are moving them slowly little by little. elizabeth nass and rose mayr both 19-year-olds were killed. they posted their pictures sitting on a nearby bridge. at this point investigators don't know if the teens presence near the tracks may have led the conductor to slam on the brakes and causing the train to derail. a broken airline caused an automatic track to trigger. >> the three crew members on board i've reviewed their statements.
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all of their statements kate they felt nothing and they -- indicate they felt nothing and they saw nothing before emergency braking occurred on the train. >> reporter: the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour. a data recorder was recovered and they're in the process of downloading the information to learn more about the disaster. meanwhile, these ellicott city residents are left with heavy hearts over the two teens killed here. >> it's a sad situation that they were there at that time. why they were up there, i have no idea. kids will be kids. >> reporter: back out live here, you can see crews, once again, working to remove yet another one of these derailed cars that is flipped over. this one is flipped over. you can see two cranes are being used to try and hoist it up and remove it from the tracks and put it on to a flatbed. they then are being driven out of here on some trucks. but, you know, the ntsb says they're still processing the data that was recovered from the recorder. they hope to have that
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information by wednesday. at that point we hope to learn a lot more about this derailment. for now we're live in ellicott city, ken molestina, 9news now. >> okay, ken, thank you. new at 11:00, a fire burns through a three story home injuring one person who was living there. take a look. this is along the 13,900-block of farhem lane. it got so fierce, the firefighters were ordered out of the house and fight the fire from outside. a pizza crook that attacked a delivery man is in custody tonight. the 17-year-old would call in addresses to a certain address and then hide in the bushes to ambush the delivery guy. investigators tell us they saw the whole thing go down and they chased him down and slapped cuffs on the man. the cops had released a man that was held for accusing to
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shoot up his office. he's being transferred from a psychiatric facility to his parents. they ordered prescott to keep on taking his medication and continue counseling. he's charged with misusing a telephone. missouri senate candidate todd akin ignored a -- to get out of the race. gary nurenberg is here with that. gary. >> reporter: anita, the leaders of the republican party want akin and the rape remarks to go away. the chairman of the party saying he doesn't want akin at next week's big republican convention. in case you missed it, this is what he said about how rare it is for rape victims to get pregnant. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: his presidential candidate mitt romney said tuesday he should get out. >> i can't defend what he said. i can't defend him.
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>> reporter: he's apologized repeatedly. >> i ask for your forgiveness. >> reporter: but tuesday still seemed surprised. >> i misspoke one sentence in one day and all of a sudden overnight everybody decides, well, akin can't possibly win. i don't agree with that. >> reporter: the party has pulled 5 million in funding. cross roads is pulling its money. the leader beliefs akin can't remove. >> if he remains a nominee, there's no reason to throw good money after bad. >> we can win this seat. and mr. akin can make it a lot easier for us if he would step aside and let someone else fill the hole. >> reporter: he doesn't want akin to attend the republican convention next week, but democrats are fighting any attempt to distance akin from the gop. >> the republicans would like to pretend it's a real shocker in a republican party. but we have to remember, he is
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part of an ongoing republican agenda. >> reporter: akin said he's staying in the race and under law it will now take a court order to get him off the ballot. >> he could still and may yet change his mind. but legally it gets more complicated and more expensive, rather, for him to do so. now that the missouri deadline has passed. the republican convention is next week and at a time that the country wants them to be focusing on mitt romney, akin continues to lead the debate. the 9th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season developed a few hours ago. topper shutt joins us. where does the isaac guy seem to be headed? >> it's still a tropical storm. let me show you the latest track. it's about 395 miles east of guadalupe and it's moving to the west at about 18 miles an hour moving at a pretty good clip.
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we do have a tropical storm warning for antigua and the path takes it just south of antigua and puerto rico and just south of the dr and touching haiti and then turning the storm over cuba and heading it toward the keys. now, this is a little farther northerly track, especially from cuba up into the southern sections of the atlantic ocean. just because more models now are taking it a little further north, and that means a bigger threat to florida and the bahamas. we're still talking monday and tuesday. satellite picture, there is the storm right there. pretty good circulation. it's not a terribly strong storm. and, again, we'll have to come back and we'll talk about that. you should go to our website and download our hurricane tracking. it is free. we will come back and talk about your wakeup weather and if we're going to see more storms again tomorrow. thank you, top. out on the campaign trail president obama reaching out to younger voters to help him win another four years in office. speaking out in columbus, ohio, mr. obama slamming mitt romney
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for telling an audience to sign loans to pay for college. >> the best thing i can do for you is to tell you to shop around. that's it. that's his plan. >> outside pittsburgh, the republican vp paul ryan was taking aim at the president's health care reform law. >> that's a $3,600 cut in benefits for current senior. nearly one out of hospitals and nursing homes are going to go outs of business or just stop taking medicare patients. >> ryan spent the rest of the day campaigning in pennsylvania while romney was raising campaign cash down in texas. we have a sad note from the pentagon tonight. a decorated soldier from this area has died while serving in afghanistan. 24-year-old david williams of frederick, maryland, a sergeant, he died saturday in kandahar. no word on how he died. that's under investigation. a federal appeals court has ruled the state of texas can cut
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off funding to planned parenthood services. the funding cutoff can happen even as a lawsuit is still working its way through the court. planned parenthood has sued texas targeting a controversial state law banning state money from going to organizes tied to abortion providers. well, still ahead on 9 news, grandpa gives his granddaughter the most precious gift of all. the gift of life. we'll tell you how it happened afte and a real life fight club for toddlers. seriously. that is coming up on 9 news.
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a commuter i would like to tell you about tonight. two lanes of i395 south will be shut down between the turkey cock hov entrance and etsel road in alexandria. that will happen again on friday. vdot said you better expect some major delays. it's all part of the new 95 express lanes. and only on 9 tonight, a little girl from arlington very lucky to be alive tonight after her granddad came to her rescue while she was choking on a piece of fruit. >> this is so scary. anny hong has the story and the
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911 call and how they moved fast to save the 1-year-old's life. >> it's probably the most terrifying thing. she turned blue. i was just fearing for the worst. >> reporter: mayla is back to playing with her toys and big sisters. but on sunday afternoon, she gave her family the biggest scare of their life. >> she was just not breathing and laying there. i panicked. >> reporter: she was just finishing up lunch when her parents gave her small pieces of rice soft cantaloupe. but one piece got stuck. >> what should we do, she's turning blue. >> reporter: okay. look in her mouth and see if you can see anything. >> her dad called 911 on sunday afternoon during lunch. he re laid instructions to his -- relayed instructions to his father who had cpr training as a boy scout. >> reporter: do you want to start cpr. >> i guess so. yes. >> reporter: listen carefully. i'll tell you what to do. >> okay. >> lay the baby flat on her back
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or on a table or on the floor. >> on her back. >> reporter: following the operator's instructions, he performed mouth-to-mouth on his granddaughter. >> completely cover the baby's mouth and nose with her mouth. >> i tilted her mouth up and did a couple of quick breaths and didn't get any reaction and then did a couple more and then she started choking and hacking and breathing on her own. >> reporter: he never expected he would have to use her cpr training, especially on the day of his granddaughter's birthday party with friends. she missed her party, but thankfully she'll be able to celebrate later. >> i hope i don't ever have to do that again. >> reporter: in arlington, anny #407k, 9news hong, 9news now. >> doctors said they didn't do anything wrong and the smartest thing they did was calling 911 instead of taking her to the hospital her self-esteem. they hope this will encourage other parents to get the cpr training. no pinching, only punching.
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would you believe those are the instructions given to toddlers at a day charophyte club. it was all -- care fight club. it was all caught on video. the voices of three employees can be heard clear as day. outraged parents showed up to a special meeting today at the dover police department. >> i'm just worried that it could have been my son and maybe there's more times that it happened and it's not on video and the parents don't know and nobody knows about it. so that's just what worries me. >> three workers face multiple charges in the incident which allegedly happened back in march. they're out on bail, but the day care's license remains suspended tonight. >> wow. okay. okay. >> that's one of those you're speechless. >> yes. what do you say to that. >> it's crazy. >> at the day-care center. >> yes. >> you need a couple of brain cells working not to do that. here is the deal. a couple of showers popped up west of town, so i'm going to keep the chance of showers and thunderstorms in but primarily
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west. let me start with live doppler 9000. you could see a shower in hagerstown, winchester, front royal. nothing severe, but they have a little pop to them in terms of rainfall. there is some yellow in there. that's half an inch per hour. a little red just south of romney and just to the northwest of woodstock. now, we'll put these into motion and we'll show you where they're going to go in the next hour. they do kind of weaken and diminish a little bit and move sorted of parallel to i8 -- sort of parallel to i81. might get to frederick. but i think after that, they will just kind of dissipate overnight. that said, in the wake of those storms, we could see some more fog, especially along i81 if you're going out there tomorrow. we're looking at a high of 86. still 73. this is brought to you by michael and son. dew point 67. not as comfortable as it was. winds calm. pressure rising. that's a good sign. 30.10 inches of mercury. we're looking at another cool start, a comfortable start.
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i'll raise temps a little overnight. patchy fog is possible. i don't think we'll see anything widespread but some patchy fog possible. isolated shower or thunderstorm possible once again. a little better chance south of town and then just warm. not hot. we'll see temperatures again in the mid to possibly upper 80s. but really pretty comfortable. some signs of heating up a little bit late in the week and weekend. overnight partly cloudy, comfortable. showers possible wednesday. winds easterly at 5-10. tomorrow grab your shades. 60s and 70s and winds northeasterly at 5-10. there is not much going on with the winds at all. by afternoon, partly sunny and warm. shower. isolated storm possible. mainly south. high temperatures around 85 and winds easterly at about 5-10. next three days we're going to keep it code green for tomorrow and also for thursday and friday. and why not. 86 tomorrow. isolated storm or shower. 87 on thursday. almost hot friday. highs near 90. just a slight chance, a slight chance of a shower.
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all right. next seven days, i know this is kind of counterintuitive, but i do have a drop on saturday and a drop on sunday. but i also have the word nice. so not going to be that much of a deal these scattered showers. nothing heavy. nothing long lived. so still a pretty nice weekend. near 90, though, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. a little better chance of storms tuesday as a cold front approaches. >> okay. we'll be ready. you know, sometimes you start to get the sense that this is our year. >> i know, right. >> things start going your way and you cannot be stopped. [ laughing ] >> stop what's happening. >> strasburg is pitching his hand and you need two hands to get the strikeouts. trust me, nats didn't need it tonight. steven strasburg so good his defenders barely needed to move. and the news keep on getting worse at college park. bad news coming today. i'll tell you right after the break.
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it's i'm to cut back on radiation exposure in kids. that's the message from the fda. only two ct scans and x-rays when necessary. only a few brain scans in childhood would increase the risk of brain tumors or leukemia later in life. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. to learn more, visit cancer
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> all right. somebody in the nats dugout stop doing a rain dance. two hour rain delay sunday. 56-minute on monday. enough is enough. maybe this is the plan to conserve strasburg's innings.
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unfortunately for atlanta, he did pitch tonight. how much reaction time do you have to hit a strasburg 98-mile an hour fast ball. don't ask the players. they could not figure it out. there is the 50-minute rain delay right there. thank you, top. and then when strasburg came back better than ever. the heat is a good combination. later on in the game, here is the power. flores lives up to the name of jesus. the nats are 28 and 12 since the all star game. they take another one tonight. 4-1. seven games clear of the braves. so here is the update. strasburg now has thrown 145 innings which if he stays on track he'll reach 170 innings on september 19th in that neck of the woods. which, by the way, a very important game. los angeles dodgers in town. the regular season ends october third. orioles in the mix two in the american league. wild car mix. they said i'll have some texas toast. how about that. that's a towering shot.
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the orioles led 5-1. then they hold on. jim johnson automatic again. they win 5-3 over texas tonight. all right. it's far from a sexy position, but it's really important. full back durrel young came last year. doesn't need to come off the field unless his hamstring is jacked, which it has been for a couple of weeks now. young went back to work today, but he was about 80 or 90%. not ready for the game. mike shanahan does not expect him to play sd against the colts, which means -- saturday against the colts, which means more standing on the sidelines. >> i'm here to play. you can't make the team. i just want to be able to help the team anyway i can. >> all right. second most productive back in redskins history calling it
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quits. clinton portis will announce his retirement. he was a heck of a player. almost 7,000 yards. second only to john riggins. finally, what is going on up in maryland? it's claimed another victim when it comes to the knees and the players. that guy right there from a year ago injured his knee. today he's being evaluated to see how serious it is. this comes after cj brown quarterback injured his knee and blew it out. also andre monroe. he's injured his knee. so anyone -- >> crazy. >> -- with a good knee, they need you up in maryland. >> it's nowhere near started. >> we'll be right back.
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don't you want to know about rhianna. >> we don't know. now we're going to have to check it out. >> that's our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget we're always on at letterman is next. good night, all.
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